And then, bam! – a hobby turned into a hit comic.

Ever pondered being a pilot? A football star? Join the club. Our very own Neil Gibson, the creator of Twisted Comics, was once in your shoes. Acquiring an engineering degree and an MBA, he later found his true calling where you’d least expect – in the vibrant panels of comic books. Comics: not just a hobby, but a secret world where Neil’s imagination ran wild.

And then, bam! – a hobby turned into a hit comic. Who knew? Neil’s epiphany wasn’t just about telling stories; it was about crafting worlds. From a casual comic fan to a dedicated tale-spinner, his journey has been nothing short of a comic book saga itself.

Not your average comic publisher

Formerly known as TPub, 2023 marked our evolution into Twisted Comics. Hailing from the UK, we’re more than just a comic publisher. We’re here to shake things up in the comic world.

Our mission? Get everyone hooked on comics. Whether you’re a comic newbie or a seasoned aficionado, we’ve got something that’ll catch your eye. And if our tales don’t quite hit the mark, we’re here to guide you to a comic that will.


Neil Gibson

Comic Writer

Neil is the founder of Twisted Comics, a renowned comic publisher. He came to comics late in life and fell in love with the medium. Never planning on being a writer, he started making comics for fun and was surprised by how much people seemed to like his work.

He enjoyed writing, but loves editing and producing comics for other people. He believes that the comic book medium is one of the most efficient ways to communicate stories.

If you want to annoy him, just mention how you think comics are just for kids – his reaction is a common source of amusement.

Kenny Diack

The Deal Maker

Kenny Diack has been working at Twisted Comics since 2018. In 2015 Kenny first got into comics when he funded a project to give students practical experience to create a comic. After two two years and working with over 300 students Kennys first comic ” A World Apart” was launched.

Kenny now helps with business management of Twisted Comics, a leading comic publisher, with a personal goal to help create a comic book that will one day become a TV Show. Kenny believes that working with the community will be a key driver to success so should you ever wish to chat with him please reach out.

Kenny is currently playing Terraforming Mars and listening to the band Future Islands.

Staci Sherman

Digital Distribution

Staci Sherman is the Director of Digital Distribution, Overseer of Community Management & Convention Connoisseur at Twisted Comics.

Besides being a giant comic nerd, Staci also enjoys hanging out with her friends on Discord, streaming games on Twitch and watching all of the Korean horror movies and anime she can.

She resides in the US and often can be found relaxing with her cats while listening to Ninja Sex Party and enjoying the finer things in life like schooling n00bs in League of Legends.

Steven McIntosh

Website Guru, Marketing and Everything Merch

Steve (aka Flash) was a professional web developer, however, after building umpteen e-commerce sites, decided that this is something he would like to have a crack at himself.

With a successful merchandise business up and running, Kenny ‘The Deal Maker’ brought Steve on board to use his marketing, merch and web skills to ramp up the Twisted Comics brand.

Steve went to Ibiza 20 years ago and hasn’t moved on, he still listens to Dance music and his guilty pleasure is Scooter.

Raymond Tyler

Operations Manager

Raymond Tyler is a New York based writer who knows too many facts about Hellboy. He loves interacting with Twisted fans and is always down to chat about comics.

When he isn’t writing or working for Twisted Comics’, he can be found skulking the streets of New York befriending stray cats.

He received an MFA from Lesley University, where he primarily studied how to accumulate debt.


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