Twisted Dark – Volume 6

Similar in feel to The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror or Tales of the Unexpected, TWISTED DARK is the hit comic book detailing the darker side of humanity. Seemingly unconnected people from around the world reveal the dark side of their characters in shocking stories with twist endings. Gradually their action and decisions connect all the characters in the build up to a shattering conclusion.

“Throwing all professionalism aside, the book was phenomenal!”


Twisted Dark – Volume 6
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E-Book, Paperback


Neil Gibson


Caspar Wijngaard, Jan Wijngaard, Jim Terry, Leonardo Gonzalez, Marc Olivent


Jim Campbell

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TPub Comics





1 review for Twisted Dark – Volume 6

  1. Kenny

    Just gets better with each volume. It’s crazy to see how this story all comes together.

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Throwing all professionalism aside, the book was phenomenal!

From beginning to end, “Twisted Dark” will have your heart racing with anticipation.

Review Fix

It’s the literary equivalent of getting punched in the gut. I write that as a compliment.

Horror Talk

The stories left a lasting impression on me; it was difficult to stop thinking about them long after I had put the comic down. If you’re looking for a read that is of quality and is unforgettable, in the haunting sense, then you must definitely pick this up.

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